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Sunday Morning Worship

The Sunday Morning Worship Service begins at 11:00 am in the main Sanctuary.   As with all of the worship services at Temple Baptist Church, this morning service centers on proclamation of God’s Word, the Bible, through preaching, music and prayer and is organized in a manner that those attending will be blessed and also equipped to be a blessing and witness to others in our world.  The worship service is designed to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ, to encourage growth amongst the members and visitors, but most of all to lead the lost to eternal life and a relationship with Jesus Christ! 

During this worship hour, one will have the opportunity to participate in a more traditional type of worship with the traditional and familiar hymns/songs, but with an added touch of contemporary songs and choruses.  The ministry of music in the morning service occurs in a variety of forms through the Temple Baptist Church Chancel Choir, Vocal Solos, Organ, Piano, Orchestra, Brass/String ensembles, and Hand Bells. 

Dress for this service varies from dresses or coats and ties, to casual and jeans.   Visitors will observe a friendly and loving atmosphere and should feel a warm and welcoming environment during this time.


Sunday School 9:30 am

Morning Worship 11:00 am

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