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Intercessory Prayer Ministry (IPM)

The Intercessory Prayer Ministry began at Temple Baptist Church in 1991. Since then IPM has grown to include over 50 members of the Temple congregation who pray regularly for members of the congregation, their families and friends, and others for whom prayer requests are made.

As a commitment to the IPM, Temple Baptist Church built the Upper Room, an area set aside and furnished for the prayer efforts of the IPM. In addition, the weekly bulletin was modified to include a prayer request section, which can be completed and put in the collection plate or in special prayer request boxes located throughout the church.
There have been many hundreds of prayer requests to come through the Upper Room and many have been answered, not always the way specified by the requester, but by our Heavenly Father in a way that gives honor to his Holy name. 
Intercessory prayer is vastly more than simply praying during the commitment time. Indeed, intercessory prayer is a way of life (Romans 1:9) and it is God's key to the Christian, which unlocks the storehouse of heaven (Matthew 7:11). Intercession is the means God uses to work in the lives of others (Job 42:10).
Because intercession is a way of life, participation in the Intercessory Prayer Ministry cannot be entered into quickly or irresponsibly. Involvement in intercessory pray comes only after the following conditions have been satisfied:
  • An intercessor must know that he or she is saved
  • An intercessor must be a member of TempleBaptistChurch
  • An intercessor must have a clear calling to participate in the Intercessory Prayer Ministry.
  • An intercessor must have a clean life, especially a clean spiritual life.

The motivation for an intercessor must be a concerned heart.

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